Value Proposition

For people who want healing

We believe that any person who embraces a diverse approach to health and well being, should be able to reduce the harmful impacts of stress and illness, improve physical health, and mental clarity, by prioritizing care of their bodies, and minds; through that ability to use our technology to set wellness goals, access savings on therapy in exchange for commitment combined with support from employers and angel investors, As a result of opening a Karma Well account,  For the cost of the transaction fees.

For people that want to heal the world

We believe that, Health and Wellness Practitioners/Clinics/Practices/Businesses, should be able to increase patients, bookings and revenue, by 42% as well as improve income consistency, through the ability to charge clients monthly for a services at a “dynamic pricing maintenance membership” price, As a result of implementing Karma Wells, Dynamic Collaborative Wellness Program For the investment of 6% of transaction fees.

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